In a verdict revealed by  Ukraine’s state lawsuits register on Monday,   Odesa Prymorskiy court socked it to a man referred to as Volodymyr Ustinov he should read more Ukrainian literature on Soviet-times repressions against Ukrainians before taking to social media with anti-Ukrainian rhetoric.

According to reports, the Odesa zoological park worker used a Russian social media platform ‘Odnoklasniki’ to raise a stink calling for support of Russian invasion and badmouthing Ukrainian government he routinely called ‘Kyiv government of Nazis’.

The judge found Ustinov’s online behavior inflammatory and unlawful  awarding him 5 years in jail, though grating a 3 years’ probation.  The man was also ordered to read several fiction books by Ukrainian writers that, according to the ruling, could help reform the  first-time offender.

Among the books set to help him see things from a different perspective are  Ivan Bagryany’s  Tiger-catcher,  Vasyl Barka’s Yellow Prince, and Ulas Samchuk’s Mariya.