With the damaged critical infrastructure and utility services, Mariupol residents face a possible epidemic.

Mariupol city council reports that there are still about 150,000 residents in the city. Most of them are the elderly.

They lack medical help and food. The communal services, including water supply and drainage systems, do not operate, which may lead to the disease outbreak.

‘The occupiers turned Mariupol into a medieval ghetto. Without medical care, restoration of water supply and proper sewerage in the city, the epidemics may break out. Without proper conditions, mortality will increase’, said Mariupol mayor Vadym Boichenko.

He added that Mariupol residents cannot leave the city due to the strict filtration rules introduced by Russian occupiers.

‘The Russians continue the genocide that began on February 24. Our people are in mortal danger. That is why a complete evacuation of the city is needed’, Boichenko stressed.