Russian occupiers continue forced ‘medical examinations’ of Ukrainian children in the temporarily occupied areas. The goal of these ‘examinations’ is to provide grounds fro the deportation of children to Russia, the National Resistance Center reports.

Russia plans to spend 1.4 billion rubles on the ‘medical examination’ program, which is carried out by Russian doctors. After the examination, the vast majority of children are prescribed ‘treatment’ in the Russian Federation, which parents cannot refuse, because they are threatened with taking away parental rights.

Since the beginning of the year, 75,000 children have been examined in Donetsk region, and 39,000 of them have been taken to Russia after that. In Luhansk region, 94,000 children were ‘examined’ and 66,000 were ‘diagnosed with pathology’, after which they were deported. At the same time, there were cases when doctors demanded money from parents in order not to ‘detect pathology’.

The National Resistance Center reminded that the occupation administration continues to carry out the policy of genocide of the Ukrainians on the temporarily occupied territories. To do this, Russians ‘actively brainwash children’, which is a sign of genocide, because such a policy is aimed at changing the self-identification of an entire generation.