Serhii Cherevatyi, the press officer of the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Forces, said that 25,600 Russian soldiers are fighting in the Bakhmut area.

‘In the Bakhmut direction, 25,600 personnel, 65 tanks, 450 armored fighting vehicles, 154 artillery systems and 56 multiple launch rocket systems are fighting against us’, he said to ‘RBK-Ukraine’.

According to Cherevatyi, the losses of the Russian army in the Bakhmut area are about 100 dead every day.

The press officer added that the road, which is used to supply Bakhmut with food and munitions, is still controlled by the Ukrainian units. Engineers and logistics specialists are working on the way to the city, laying new routes. This allows delivering weapons, medicines, food and ammunition, and take away the wounded from Bakhmut.

‘Yes, it is really difficult there, because their attempts to seize the road continue, as well as attempts to establish fire control. But thanks to the soldiers of the Special Operations Forces, artillerymen, the Defense Forces do not allow Russians to ‘cut off’ our logistics’, Cherevatyi said.