The latest poll by ‘Rating’ sociology group has found the majority of  Ukrainians would like to see an overhaul of the Minsk agreements with one in five respondents ( 21% ) arguing Kyiv should pull out of the negotiation process and make decisions on its own without involvment of international mediators.

The Minsk agreements are fully supported by only 12% of respondents.

The most startling finding in the poll is that two in three Ukrainians said they have a vague idea about the content of the Minsk agreements with a quarter admiting they know nothing about it at all.

Only 11% of respondents claimed they are well acquainted with  the peace deal conditions.

The poll was conducted in all government-controlled regions using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews method and involved 2,500 respondents.

Earlier, the poll showed most Ukrainians shrug off  Zelensky’s anti-oligarch law and are skeptical about his reelection, and the main opposition party is making steady gains amid scandals eating away support for Zelensky’s party.