National Police сhief Ihor Klymenko informed cops will be checking people’s vaccination documents to address possible verification and forgery issues.

‘If a total lockdown is introduced again, there will be fewer restrictions for the vaccinated. That is why many people want to have an internal vaccination certificate,’ the police chief stated.

According to Klymenko, the police and other law-enforcement agencies will be authorized to check  paper and electronic certificates generated by state-run ‘Diia’ app.

Police will do use QR code system to access database of Covid certificates’ to make sure proof of vaccination is valid.

‘We have teamed up with the digital ministry to  develop and start integrating the software for police tablets so that they can instantly check certificates. In a few days, this process will be fully launched,’ he added.


Last week, the Ukrainian government proposed to make fake vaccination certificates a criminal offense amid reports of a growing number of such incidents.