On his Facebook page, Petro Poroshenko called Russia’s demands ‘Kremlin’s ill ambitions to rule the world’.

He compared Moscow’s statements to those made by the Nazi Germany in the 1930s, claiming ‘It seems that the imperial disease is progressing in the Kremlin’.

Poroshenko said that the Kremlin’s demand for Ukraine not to join the NATO is ‘a revanchist neo-imperial claim for a new division of the world’. He reminded Russia that the Soviet Union ceased to exist 30 years ago.

‘The Kremlin’s ‘security guarantees’ go far beyond bilateral US-Russian relations. They directly affect the national interests of the vast majority of countries in the entire Euro-Atlantic area’, the former president stressed.

Poroshenko called on the current Ukraine’s authorities not to hide away from threats, but to counter them because the fate of Ukraine is being decided now.

Poroshenko also addressed Ukraine’s international partners to take the Russian threat seriously.


Earlier, Petro Poroshenko stated Ukraine needs weapons to stop Russian aggression.