Mariupol mayoral advisor Petro Andrushchenko said on Thursday that Ukrainian officials have learnt about a new filtration prison Russian occupation administration established at former Volnovakha prison in Olenivka.

The first one set up in Yenakievo prison in Olenivka  was designated for Ukrainian activists, law-enforcement officers and journalists  while the new one allegedly locks away people who looked ‘suspicious’ and has to be subjected to ‘filtration’ procedures.

Russian forces are keeping there at least 20 Ukrainian volunteers who were rounded up while helping to evacuate Mariupol residents, said Andrushchenko.

It is reported that the detained volunteers had the Red Cross authorization at the time of their arrest but it didn’t help them much.

‘And now it is clear why so-called DNR has launched a program discrediting the Red Cross. [It is done] to avoid allegations of the arrest of its volunteers,’ said Andrushchenko.