The latest reports coming from occupied Mariupol claim that more than 100 dead bodies were found by city workers  during a clean-up effort at one of the blast sites, said mayoral advisor  Petro Andrushchnko on Telegram Monday.

The people had allegedly died after the air bomb hit the residential building at the junction of Peremogy St. and Meotyda Bulevard.

The occupational authorities, though, stopped short, of the newly found bodies’ exhumation and disposal. According to Andrushchenko, the occupiers use  demolition of the destroyed Mariupol buildings  to cover up their crimes while dead bodies obviously end up in landfills unaccounted.

The exhumation has taken place only on the premises of local schools and kindergartens  where it is followed up by fumigation while the most of the streets and mass burial sites stay overlooked.