Petro Poroshenko announced from Brussels that new sanctions against Russia will be introduced in the nearest future. He noted that the topic of sanctions, together with the supply of weapons, was one of the priorities at the meetings at the headquarters of NATO, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

As reported by the ‘European Solidarity’ party, Poroshenko reminded that a package of sanctions is being prepared for the Ukraine-EU summit, in which most of the restrictions will be sectoral and personal.

He also shared the news that another package of sanctions will be announced on February 24, the day when the full-scale invasion began last year.

‘We tried to do everything possible to cover any ways of evading sanctions, to increase accountability for those who violate sanctions and take very important steps – starting with gold, to prevent Russians from selling their gold reserves stored in the territory of Russia, and ending with nuclear fuel. To prevent the possibility of contraband transportation of Russian oil and liquefied gas to the markets of India and China. This was a very specific conversation’, Poroshenko stated.

The purpose of these sanctions is to halve Russian exports. If earlier its volume was about $580 billion, now it should be no more than $290 billion. All this should happen in parallel with the strengthening of support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

‘The combination of two factors – increasing the power of the Armed Forces and a tough sanctions regime – is the most effective means of stopping the war’, the former president resumed.