According to a new policy made effective last week, Ukrainian women who are fit for military service will need to apply for registration with Ukrainian armed forces to join the expanded reservist forces mobilized in the event of a major war.

The criticism of the new list, which many claim to be unreasonable, made Ukrainian officials reconsider.

On Friday, Oleksandr Zavitnevych, the head of the parliamentary commission on national security, admitted that the list earlier worked out by the experts was ‘too big’, which came to light only when it was passed.

The lawmaker argued this policy has been in place for a long time and the latest updates entrusted the defense ministry to define the list that saw librarians, journalists and even veterinary workers added.

The issue was discussed with the Ukrainian defense minister who agreed the list needs to be shortened and ‘there must be common sense [about the list] as it includes professions, which are not really needed by the armed forces’.

‘The expansion did not go well with the public although the push was right as Ukraine needs to know its military reserve given the situation’, Zavitnevych concluded.