Russian assaults and heavy fighting that raged on for 30 days have left Trostianets in Sumy region completely destroyed, said city mayor Yuriy Bova in an interview for, claiming that at least 90% of the city districts are now without heating, water, power, and mobile network coverage.

There are many dead and tortured bodies strewn in the city streets while officials still have no clear understanding of how many people have gone missing or have been abducted by Russians.

The city is faced with a dire humanitarian situation as at least 10 thousand people – half of it pre-war population – that chose to stay in the city have run out of food and medicines.

A month under Russian occupation also destroyed social infrastructure. City officials are now looking for ways to arrange for some repair work, said Trostianets mayor.

‘We need polyethylene tape, glass, construction materials to restore infrastructure objects, schools. We don’t’ have any computers at all. We have people coming from Okhtyrka, Sumy that were also destroyed but when they see Trostianets they say it is dozen times more tragic here’.

Earlier, it was reported that Russians have left many land mines and booby traps in the city.