The Ukrainian president finally answers questions about his alleged involvement in offshore money-laundering schemes exposed by reports from Slidstvo.Info and Pandora papers.

Zelensky struck a defiant tone, claiming in his interview for ICTV TV station that he learnt ‘nothing new’ from Slidstvo Info investigation.

‘For me, it was like déjà vu – I saw the same movie on TV channels of oligarch Poroshenko, who showed it, knowing there was nothing on me, no dirt [dug out]’.

Volodymyr Zelensky said he was ‘glad he saw no any new details’ meaning that nothing damaging was found ‘since 2019 on me as the president of Ukraine’.

When asked about the mounting evidence about his offshore companies in the BVI ,  he admitted to the questionable practice, arguing it was a ‘necessity’ due to pressure his ‘Kvartal 95’ faced at the time  Yanukovych presidency.

Zelensky called the dealings in question  ‘structuring of ‘Kvartal 95’ business and stressed that no-one of his production management was involved in money-laundering.

The Ukrainian president though failed to provide any detail about the hefty sums his business was getting from notorious oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskiy.