In Mariupol, Russian occupiers set up a network of mobile TV screens, which broadcast Russian propaganda TV. They resorted to this because there is no electricity supply in the city.

Mariupol city council stated on Telegram that the occupiers are trying to increase the information pressure on Mariupol residents, calling Russian propaganda ‘Zombie TV’.

‘Zombie TV is now in Mariupol. The occupiers deployed a network of mobile TV screens in the city. The celebration of Victory Day on May 9 showed all the disloyalty of locals to the new regime. Out of 150-170 thousand citizens, only a few dozen came to the official event’, the statement says.

In Mariupol, Russians caused one of the biggest humanitarian catastrophes in modern days. They destroyed the city and blocked humanitarian aid. Mariupol does not have electricity, water and gas supply.

About 20,000 civilians have been killed since the beginning of the invasion, but the exact number is unknown.