The Russians force mobilized men from the DPR sign the contract and keep ‘the information blockade of newcomers’, – says the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Defense Ministry.

According to intelligence, staff of the 1st army corps, most of whom are residents of the so-called DBR, are being transferred into contract.

Meanwhile, the military claim to have given no permission for signing a contract.  Also, they are not informed about the amount of payroll to be expected.

On the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson oblast the Russian forces station the newly arrived staff, who aren’t updated on the current situation and the latest developments on the Ukrainian fronts as phones have been taken from them, – claim the officials.

GUR says, low rank officers with soldier and sergeant corps haven’t been informed about destroyed logistics centers, arms depots and hideouts for the past three weeks as the Russian military authorities try to present the current situation as controlled.