Odesa has becomes the latest Ukrainian city that joined the street-renaming campaign after its mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov said  on Monday city officials have made up a list of 19 city streets that are set to be rechristened.

Trukhanov said the city will rid of the street names that have no relation to Odesa history, in the first place. Among those are Voronezhska and Chapayevska streets that are an unappealing throwback to the Soviet Union times.

‘Odesa suffered losses in this war. And we don’t want to have anything to do with the state that is currently trying to reduce to rubble our city, our country,’ said the mayor.

The renaming campaign will need to get a go-ahead from the City Council while new street names should definitely not evoke any connection to the ‘totalitarian past’.

‘As for the events of the current war, I believe, that a new history of Odesa and Ukraine must have names and countries that, somehow or other, are leading us to victory. And in Odesa there can be and must be a Mariupol Heroes street, a Great Britain square,’ added Trukhanov.

The city will also get a new Memorial site at the Anti-Terror Operation Fighters’ park. It will pay tribute to Odesa residents who gave their lived defending the independence of Ukraine.