Opposition Platform for Life senior MP Yuriy Boyko threatened Friday their parliamentary group will stand down to prompt new parliamentary election.


‘Our parlimanentary group is ready to resign and leave the parliament so that we [in the Verkhovna Rada] have fewer than 300 MPs allowing the Ukrainian people to elect the new parliament. .. This parliament has run its course and has no future,’ said Boyko.

The idea behind  collective resignation is that the parliament will have to be dissolved when crippled by insufficient number of MPs to pass new laws.

Some simple arithmetic tells such claims hold no water as Boyko’s party has only 43 MPs   in the  423-seat Vekrhovna Rada and no pronounced backing from other parties’ MPs.

Yuriy Boyko  held an energy portfolio in Viktor Yanukovych government and currently  is a member  of Opposition Platform for Life’ splinter party formed after Party of Regions got disbanded in 2018.