The leadership of the party known for its Russia-leaning, conciliatory stand has been left fuming after  Kyiv Pecherskiy Court ruled Monday the house arrest for its leader Viktor  Medvedchuk must be extended for 2 more months.

In a statement issued later in the day, the party branded the ‘unlawful’ court decison arguing it was forced by Zelensky officials.

The government launched a clampdown on ‘political opponents’, said the party statement, claiming Medvedchuk’s house arrest will last for 10 months while the laws say it can’t be longer than 6 months.

Zelensky’s ‘repressions’ are getting more ‘cynical and blatant’ as the government tries to silence the opposition amid reports faltering economic situation in the country.

It must be noted that Viktor Medvedchuk is facing jail in connection to controversial coal deals with separartist-controlled Donbas mines he brokered back in  the 2014-2015 that got him indictment on charges of treason and sponsporing terrorism.