With sanitation systems in ruins and sewage water seeping into wells,  people caught up in occupied Mariupol start to complain of having symptoms of what can be infections like cholera and dysentery.

At least 10-15 locals are seeking medical aid each day complaining about headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea, said aide to Mariupol mayor Petro Andrushchenko citing sources in the war-ravaged city.

What makes the situation dire is that medical workers throw up hands having no antibiotics and even  laboratory test materials to confirm such infections – people are just sent home empty-handed or face segregation on visits to hospitals.

‘The occupiers have restricted communication with Mariupol residents in hospitals. In the city hospital #2 where Russian soldiers are  now being treated, locals can’t go to the main canteen, with everything now being separated,’ said Andrushchenko.

Meanwhile, locals pin hopes on the 4 International Red Cross trucks they spotted in the city on June 16.  Red Cross officials could move the needle helping to highlight the sanitary issues.

‘We hope that International Red Cross will interfere in the situation having free access [to the city]. The occupiers are not doing anything, there isn no even a ban of live fish sales, which is one of high-risk factors for infections.’

To make things worse,  diabetes mellitus patients in the city may soon have a rough time as medicine supplies are feared to be limited while the Russian diabetes drugs are said to be of low quality.

“The sources say there is a rapid increase of  diabetes-related limp amputation surgeries over the last week. Each day at least two surgeries,’ added Andrushchenko.