An explosive claim about a possible coup in Kyiv revealed by the Ukrainian president at his press conference has received backing from Ukrainian parliament vice speaker Oleskandr Kornienko.

People are allegedly going to be taken to Kyiv center on 1 December to block roads leading to the Verkhovna Rada, claimed Kornienko at a briefing on Monday, citing sources in law-enforcement agencies with knowledge of the matter.

The vice speaker urged reporters to arrive at the scene early morning to witness and cover possible developments.

‘My advice is to arrive early. The coup plans to block passages.. Although it doesn’t look  much like a coup when people across the country are paid a thousand a day to be part of it.  If people don’t want to join the coup for free, it raises questions about coup plotters. With nasty weather like this, you probably have to offer a thousand to get people involved’.

Kornienko admitted the situation was followed by law-enforcement agencies.

‘The claims about such statements should be taken seriously… We personally ‘troll’ opposition [MPs] who are all the time getting ready [for it] failing to articulate [their views] in this regard’.

On Friday, Volodymyr Zelensky claimed he got intelligence information about a plotted coup in Kyiv set for early days of December claiming the plotters allegedly tried to ‘draw into’  Ukrainian influential businessman Rinat Akhmetov.