The former president of Ukraine and leader of the ‘European solidarity’ party Petro Poroshenko announced the purchase of a new batch of Foden tractors for the Ukrainian military.

As reported by the ‘European Solidarity’, the trucks are able to unload a container with ammunition or load damaged equipment for evacuation in a matter of minutes.

The tractors were purchased at the expense of the Poroshenko Foundation, NGO ‘Sprava Hromad’ and donations of Ukrainians. 10 of the 20 purchased Foden tractors are already at the front.

Poroshenko’s team has contracted 20 more tractors, and the British partners have already submitted the relevant documents for obtaining an export license to speed up the procedure.

‘Unloading a container with ammunition takes one and a half minutes. The evacuation of an armored vehicle takes one and a half minutes. They are essential during a counterattack’, Poroshenko said.

The former president continues his effort to help Ukrainian military and is now considering purchasing powerful eight-wheeled DAF trucks with manipulator cranes, which have similar characteristics to Foden.

Earlier, Petro Poroshenko bought a batch of thermal imagers for the Ukrainian army.