Petro Poroshenko gatecrashes live ‘Rada’ TV studio interview, hits out at ‘mad’ spending on rebooted state TV

Stumbling upon a newly set-up ‘Rada’ TV studio in the parliament, ‘European Solidarity’ leader gatecrashed a live interview of ‘Servant of the People’ MP Denys Getmantsev. The unintended interruption led to an exchange of words after Getmansev fumed it is ‘Poroshenko’s thing to cause scandal on live TV’.

Opposition MP fired back arguing the TV studio was causing inconveniences to lawmakers and went on to note that  it was bought and brought in ‘on unlawfully wasted money of taxpayers’ in a reference to hastily

‘There were no spending estimates, the costs were not filed in state procurement database Prozzoro. It is an absolutely corrupt scheme’, added Poroshenko before storming out of the studio setting.

In his post-incident comments, Petro Poroshenko stressed splashing on new TV studios costing the public purse 320 million hryvnas comes at a wrong time in light of the chronic underfunding of the Ukrainian army, delayed procurement of fuel, body armor, medical equipment.

Petro Poroshenko claimed the government wants to use state media as a publicity tool  to prop up their ‘ratings’ plagued  by ‘Gogiashvili [scandal], [revelations about] Zelensky’s close circle friends, Pandora Papers offshore companies, and this Wagnergate’.

It is a ‘disgrace’ and a ‘crime’ that public funds are also misused to smear ‘opposition, opposition leaders, and international partners’, added ‘European Solidarity’ leader.

Another ‘madness’ is to spend ‘over half a billion’ on one more state-run ‘Dom’ TV channel promoting Russian-language content in Ukraine.