On Friday, ‘European Solidarity’ leader and former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, who is currently on a visit to Canada,  met with Paul Grod, president of the Ukrainian World Congress and leaders of Ukrainian community in Canada.

Petro Poroshenko revealed the details of the meeting in his post on social media.

The parties condemned escalation fueled by Russia on the Ukrainian borders that comes with the  migrant crisis in Belarus, which  Moscow uses as ‘weapon’ against Ukraine.

Poroshenko said that the parties agreed to lead a joint campaign for the ‘bigger international sanctioning front’ against the aggressor who will eventually pay a bigger price for his ‘brazenness’.

Another pressing concern is Nord Stream 2 project used by Moscow as a geopolitical leverage  to threaten  energy security of Ukraine and the EU.

‘We have also stressed on importance of guarantees to provide for freedom of speech for mass media in Ukraine’.

Petro Poroshenko thanked Ukrainian diaspora in Canada for their vocal support of Ukraine ‘in its fight against the ongoing Russian aggression’.

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