In his interview to “Washington Times’ Jed Babbin,  Petro Poroshenko brought into the light the real intents behind Russia’s military threats and offered policies to address this challenge.

He said that Moscow seeks escalation to force on Ukraine peace terms that will see the country losing yet another major piece its territory.

“By this escalation, Putin aims at inspiring the collective West into exerting pressure onto Ukraine with a view to avoiding a large military conflict. Putin wants an appeasement policy from the West and concessions on Ukraine,” said the “European Solidarity” party leader.

To better handle the crisis, Ukraine, according to Poroshenko, needs to (a) seek application for membership in NATO, (b) win Joe Biden’s support for the creation of a U.N.-mandated peacekeeping operation in the Donbas.

The Ukrainian politician also raised a concern over the recent developments in Donbas, calling it a “gravely dangerous time.”

He said, “Every day new echelons of Russian regular military forces are arriving at Ukrainian borders — troops, tanks, helicopters, artillery systems … The Kremlin is stationing the newest and the most modern military equipment at the Ukrainian front.”

In his view, the US can now help to bolster Ukraine’s defences by widening its  military support and supplies of lethal weapons.