What made a vyshyvanka such a hot thing and how to mix-and-match it with other items

Today the Ukrainian traditonal embroidered shirt is perceived as a timeless piece and its boho chic aesthetics appeals to women all over the world.

                                       photo by Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images

Apreciation this piece got among fashionistas is, and for a reason, credited to Kyiv designer Vita Kin.  Her first collection of traditional embroidered pieces with a modern twist made an international sensation in 2013. Overnight, the Ukrainian blouse found itself at the forefront of world fashion scene becoming a staple item for girls in France and Gulf countries.  Today, Vita Kin adapts ancient weaving techniques from Belarus and Marocco but her designs still see dominance of Ukrainian vyshyvanka colorful motives.

With embroidery taking of up to several weeks, each of Vita Kin’s  vyshyvankas  comes as a unique hand-made piece.

Functional style of the Ukrainian national costume allows to mix-and-match it with a lot of things making it a perfect choice for both urban environment and rugged travels to Oriental countries.

It turned heads in 2015 when the street style icon Leandra Medin posted a photo of her flaunting a white vyshyvanka dress embroidered in loud red stitch designs sending her fans wild.  Vita Kin vyshyvankas were also spotted on Anna Dello Russo, Kseniya Sobchak, Giovanna Battaglia, and Viviana Volpicelli, becoming  a most sought-after item. Endorsed by the celebrities, her collection was soon sold out in 30 minutes once it was featured on Net-a-Porter website.

Available from the MatchesFashion and Farfetch websites, Vita Kin vyshyvanskas enjoy appreciation from numerous A-list celebrities.   Her big-name fans include Demi Moore, Dita Von Teese, Alicia Vikander, Florence Welch, and even queen Maxima of Netherlands.

Traditional Ukrainian style of embroidery is higly regarded for its hand-made work and sophistication. Vita Kin tees are normally priced at 48 thousand hryvnas.  Seen as an exclusive item, they reflect ethnic motives that are now trending for spring and summer of 2021.  Another hot item of Vita Kin collection is her embroidered coats that are made of quality Ukrainian linen and get their stitches in the finest of German threads.

Embroidered dresses, shirts, and even shorts get the timeless bohemian feel.


How to wear Ukrainian vyshyvankas this season

Vita Kin vyshyvankas can be matched with flared pants

You will blend in perfectly amid desserts of the UAE

It can make a perfect dress for the Maldives vacation

Black&white vyshyvanka will give you an upbeat look when paired with a boater hat

A vyshyvanka dress and clogs come as a functional choice

It is a good option for a sailboat party

It can paired with flip-flops for summer vacation at some lively Bodrum resort

Matching your vyshyvanka with micro shorts will surely make a splash this summer

Matched with sneakers, vyshyvanka gets a  more casual urban look

You can’t go wrong wearing it with jeans or pants

Vyshyvanka get more refined look when paired with midi or mini skirts