In an interview to the American MSNBC TV channel, the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko thanked the USA for supporting Ukraine and called on other NATO countries to introduce own Lend-Lease programs aimed at helping Ukraine.

Poroshenko said that President Joe Biden, the US Congress, and the people of the United States help Ukrainians a lot, but weapons are never enough.

He added that he had recently returned from Bakhmut in the east of Ukraine, where heavy fighting is currently ongoing. The leader of the ‘European Solidarity’ party also visited Italy, where together with his team he purchased modern armored vehicles, produced according to the NATO standards.

Poroshenko also emphasized that the Armed Forces of Ukraine need M777 howitzers, HIMARS multiple-launch rocket systems, artillery systems, drones, and missiles.

Despite the courage of the Ukrainian defenders, unfortunately, Russia still has a twenty-fold advantage in certain areas of the front. The former president noted that only the professionalism and strong motivation of Ukrainians help defend the country against the enemy.

‘We need newest anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems. The newest radars. We need fighter jets as well,’ Poroshenko stated.