Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko is sounding alarm over  possible threats to Ukraine in the wake of  escalating migrant crisis at the EU -Belarus borders.

The migrant crisis is part of a ‘hybrid aggression plotted by Russia’, and the goverments needs to bolster military presence at the northern borders of Ukraine, ‘European Solidarity’ leader said in a briefing.

‘The situation is worsening in the north of our country, where Moscow is trying to provoke an armed conflict at the Polish-Belarusian border. I want to emphasize that the artificially organized migrant crisis was staged in advance.’

Poroshenko is convinced the situation requires a joint military effort of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania.

‘This is only part of Putin’s plan to escalate the situation on NATO’s eastern flank. Poland and Lithuania are now under attack. This is a weighty argument to activate and, if necessary, use the potential of the joint Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian brigade’, he said.

The former president also emphasized the need to strengthen both personal and sectoral sanctions against Russia and Belarus, as well as to advance the issue of NATO Membership Action Plan.

‘We firmly believe that the president of Ukraine should invite parliament and government leaders to work out a joint strategy, because the threat to Ukraine’s national security requires the combined efforts of all political forces to protect our sovereignty. We must develop a joint counteraction to Russian aggression, as well as use the current situation to ensure that our partners significantly increase military aid to Ukraine, including technology transfer’, Poroshenko concluded.