Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Poroshenko Foundation and the ROSHEN company have donated USD 55 million to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the Poroshenko Foundation press service, they bought for the army body armor, Kevlar helmets, machine guns, sniper equipment, first-aid kits, food, fuel, means for building fortifications, thermal imagers, drones, power generators, digital radio stations, Starlink terminals, more than 50 thousand sets of military winter clothing, water purification systems, and mobile showers.

The aid also included more than 100 four-wheel drive pickup trucks and 11 Italian MLS SHIELD armored vehicles.

More than 300 Leyland DAF trucks, 14 Spartan armored vehicles and 2 Oshkosh tank tractors were purchased in Great Britain for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

The Foundation also bought 359 Autel and Poseidon drones.

The Poroshenko Foundation noted that many projects are not subject to disclosure due to the threat to people’s lives.