‘Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine’  should be taken as a main track of diplomatic efforts of the West in handling Donbas coflict,  claims the former Ukrainian  president in his statement issued Monday.

The statement comes a day ahead of the virtual meeting of the US president Joe Biden and president of Russia Vladimir Putin that is allegely set to address Donbas issue and latest escalation on the Ukrainian borders.

‘It is important that both our European and American allies clearly coordinate their actions with the Ukrainian authorities and people before and after the talks’, Poroshenko stressed.

‘Russia cannot stand in the way of Ukraine’s plan to join NATO’, argues the former president of Ukraine, adding that another immediate concern must be renewal of  the Normandy format.

With the mounting threat of military escalation, supplies of defensive weapons is what Kyiv expects from the Western partners.

‘Ukraine does not ask NATO soldiers to fight for our sovereignty’, said Poroshenko, noting that military aid shoudl inlclude ‘cutting edge air defence systems, signal intelligence and electronic warfare, сounter-battery radars, and сombat drones’, whihc can help to stop the aggressor.

Petro Poroshenko also suggested to consider use of what he called ‘land lease 2’ program that could help step up Ukraine’s defence and hold Putin back from his malicious intentions.