During his speech at the European Financial Congress in Sopot, Poland, Petro Poroshenko presented the program for economic recovery after the war.

The former president stressed that Ukraine needs a Marshall Plan aimed at country’s postwar recovery and membership in the European Union and NATO.

Poroshenko is convinced that it is necessary to build a new Ukraine, to ensure a full-fledged modernization of all political, economic and social institutions according to the Copenhagen membership criteria, the ‘European Solidarity’ party press service informs.

‘Today we are focused on the ‘Marshall Plan’ for Ukraine. It should be based on the following principles – transparency, efficiency and trust’, Poroshenko said.

According to the former president, Ukraine will fit perfectly into the EU, because without Ukraine, the EU project will never be completed. The EU candidate status will arouse even greater investment interest in Ukraine, which will help strengthen Ukraine’s reforms.

The politician noted that the European Commission should be a coordinator of Ukraine’s future membership in the EU.

Poroshenko also called for providing Ukraine with weapons and tightening sanctions against Russia.

He called for extraterritorial sanctions in the seventh package and for a complete cessation of Russian exports, as well as the disconnection of the entire banking system of the aggressor state from SWIFT.