The former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko continues his efforts to help the Ukrainian army, ‘European Solidarity’ party press service informs.

Together with the NGO ‘Sprava Hromad’, the politician sent to the frontline units a new batch of military equipment, which includes a Mitsubishi L200 pickup, Motorola radios, generators, computer equipment, and helmets.

‘What is the main thing in Ukraine now? In one word – a counteroffensive. Every Ukrainian tries to do everything to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We believe in the success of the Armed Forces. We know the victory will definitely be ours. Not a single day goes by without giving aid to the army’, Poroshenko said.

Since February 24, Poroshenko’s foundation and business structures have directed more than half a billion hryvnias to support the Armed Forces. With these funds, thousands of body armor and Kevlar helmets, weapons, hundreds of vehicles for the needs of the front, including armored vehicles, trucks and pickups, thermal imaging cameras, hundreds of drones, electric generators, digital radio stations, Starlinks, military clothing, NATO first-aid kits, water purification systems, means for the construction of fortifications, fuel, food products have been purchased.

One of the assault battalions has already received 11 new Italian armored vehicles, bought by Poroshenko together with the volunteers of the NGO Sprava Hromad. 350 Autel drones were also bought for the Armed Forces units. More than two hundred Leyland DAF trucks have been contracted in Great Britain; the first batches of trucks have already been delivered to frontline brigades.