During his speech at the European Financial Congress in Sopot, Poland, the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called on the world leaders to block all Russian exports.

He stressed that Ukrainian ports should be unblocked not only for grain exports but also for other goods, as well as for the import of raw materials for the domestic industry.

Poroshenko welcomed the efforts of Turkey, which agreed to provide escorts for merchant ships, the ‘European Solidarity’ party press service reports.

‘Why are we talking only about the export of Ukrainian grain, and not about the export of other Ukrainian products? Why aren’t we talking about the import of raw materials via Ukrainian ports, which will provide jobs and the functioning of Ukrainian industry? Why is Russia bombing transport infrastructure with missiles?’ Petro Poroshenko claimed.

At the same time, Poroshenko thinks that if Russia does not end the blockade of Ukrainian ports, it is necessary to ensure a total blockade of Russian exports immediately.

The former president also mentioned the main prerequisites for the rapid recovery of the Ukrainian economy. According to him, the task of the government is to modernize the economy to a new technological structure, to ensure the protection of the rule of law, democracy and freedom, so as not to allow Ukraine to become an authoritarian state.