Mariupol councilor Petro Andriushchenko informed on Telegram that Russian occupiers are urgently preparing an infectious disease unit at emergency hospital. Due to an outbreak of cholera.

‘4 boxes for isolation of patients are almost ready. The infectious diseases unit will be opened instead of the covid unit, which was used by the occupiers during the street battles in Mariupol to store about 600 bodies’, Andriushchenko wrote.

He also said that the infectious disease unit will be headed by a Russian citizen from Siberia, who came to Mariupol to ‘gain a unique experience in Mariupol’.

Andriushchenko added that there are still problems with burying the dead in the occupied Mariupol. Relatives of the deceased have to wait about 10 days for the occupiers to issue them with a burial permit.

All this time the body of the deceased is kept either at home or on the street.

‘The consequences are clear. The number of self-arranged graves in the yards is growing. Exhumation has been de facto stopped’, the councilor concluded.