On July 6, Petro Poroshenko’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against President Volodymyr Zelensky. They indicated that it was illegal to conceal ‘Bihus tapes’ from the society and demanded to publish them in their original form.

According to Ihor Holovan (a lawyer of the former President Poroshenko), Mykhailo Podoliak and Denys Bihus almost synchronously and possibly by prior agreement expressed a common position on the requirement to publish tapes. They both do not see ‘any legal side’, but see ‘just legal spam’. Both do not see the point of ‘commenting from a legal point of view’ or ‘commenting on it seriously’.

Ihor Holovan stressed that Podoliak did not answer any of the questions concerning President Zelensky’s statements about ‘Bihus tapes’ during the interview on ‘1+1’ TV channel.

Ihor Holovan also noted that Denys Bihus should not any longer conceal socially important information from public.

‘Ukrainian society has the constitutional right to see the original records and we will defend this right in court’, Holovan concluded.