Russian troops were reportedly beyond the abduction of pro-Ukrainian activist Roman Baklazhov, said Kherson media outlet Most, citing his wife.

Baklazhov was detained on July 6 after a visit of Russian occupational officials who seized his laptop, memory sticks along with other unidentified personal belongings that, according to their claims,  looked ‘curious and dangerous’. Baklazhov was whisked away for a ‘talk’.

Росіяни викрали херсонського волонтера

photo by Most

Leaving his place, the Russians operatives asked for family phone numbers, promising they would release the activist and give a call ahead of it.

A few days later, in what appears some sort of snafu, another group of Russian occupational officials showed up at Baklazhov’s house again – the were visibly bewildered on learning the activist had already been detained by someone else.

According to reports, Roman Baklazhov was involved in a volunteer campaign helping people in occupied Kherson getting them medicines, food, and baby products. He also ran a charitable canteen that offered free meals to low-income people.