Roman Ratushnyi, Save Protasiv Yar community group leader, died carrying out a combat mission on the front-line at Izum, Kharkiv region.

In a statement on Tuesday, Save Protasiv Yar group mourned a loss of its leader praising his dedication to civil activism and his patriotic stance – back in 2013,  a then 15-year old Roman was among youths at Kyiv Mayday protests.

A 24-year old activist won recognition leading a community campaign in Ukraine’s capital, which saw him squaring off with Kyiv housing developers in court over destruction of a communal park.

In the first days of Russia’s aggression, he joined a volunteer group helping the Ukrainian military to defend Kyiv  and eventually became a regular reconnaissance specialist of 93rd ‘Kholodny Yar’ brigade.

Roman was very vocal in condemnation of Russia’s aggression demanding revange.  He was often quoted as saying that ‘the more Russians we kill now, the fewer Russians our children will have to kill later’.