Prominent Protestant pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko from Mariupol shared breaking news of the death of his adopted daughter.

The pastor said the real death toll exceeds the official numbers and keeps mounting amid the Russian onslaught.

‘No-one reported the death of my adopted daughter, she perished without a trace. She was an orphan and today I have learned her little son has become an orphan too’.

The city has been turned by Russian aggressors into a ‘hellish’ place with hundreds of women and children now seeking refuge in local churches, said Mokhnenko, adding people have been without food, water, heat for days.

The Russian army has staged a real genocide in Mariupol with people being blocked from leaving the city and dead bodies lying in the streets. Mokhnenko said Mariupol’s suffering is not in vain and Ukraine will see it recover and flourish again.