Opening criminal cases targeting political opposition is bad timing and a ‘present’ for Putin as Ukraine needs to stand unified in face of Russia’s aggression, said Petro Poroshenko in his interview for BBC.

The former Ukrainian president noted Russian aggressive acts are nothing new after the country has endured ‘artillery and rocket fires  from the Russian territory killing soldiers killing Ukrainians’ since  2014-2015.

He also brushed the claims  Kyiv is to blame for growning escalation in Donbas, which he called  the ‘narrative’ planted by Moscow arguing there has not been a single ‘provocation’ coming from the Ukrainian military.

Putin’s dreams is to ‘recreate the Russian empire’ while Ukraine comes for him as  the ‘final piece of the pazzle’ on ‘Putin’s map’, and this is why Russia’s leader is ‘blackmailing’ the world.

Former Ukrainian president called on Western leaders ‘not to be afraid’ to show unity and strength standing up against Moscow’s designs, adding that ‘hell’ sanctions will make Volodymyr Putin weaker while investing in Ukraine’s security is, in fact, providing security to Western countries.

Defensive weapons and ‘no concessions [on Ukraine’s NATO membership] to Russia is part we [in Ukraine] need’,  stressed Poroshenko, reminding that Ukrainian people have ‘sovereign right to choose their future’ as ‘65% support the idea of Kyiv joining the alliance.