In a meeting Friday called by vice speaker Olena Kondratuk,  lawmakers pressed parliamentary TV channel executives to pull scandalous pundit-turned-tv-host  Volodymyr Petrov off the air.

According to Detector.Media report, the TV channel leaders said the issue will be addressed in a meeting of Rada editorial team later in the day .

TMPs took issue with Petrov’s  on-air commentary disparaging  retired  German leader Angela Merkel and rival TV host Dmytro Gordon.

As a public broadcaster,  Rada TV channel needs regulation policies and updates to its Charter, argued lawmakers.

A next meeting on ‘Rada’ TV editorial issues is scheduled for the next week when the channel leaders unveil the new concept of the updated state TV channel established to cover work of the Verkhovna Rada.

The rebooted TV channel got off to a rough start facing criticism over undetermined editorial polices and spending violations.

‘European Solidarity’ MP Iryna Gerashchenko in her speech at the Parliament claimed the government tampered with parliament budget to add more funds to  TV channel,  which is done without proper control over funding use.