In Moscow, under the chairmanship of the director of the FSB of the Russian Federation A. Bortnikov, a meeting of the national anti-terrorist committee of the Russian Federation was held in video conference mode. The official goal of the meeting was to improve the prevention of terrorism in the field of education and youth environment.

Security officials of all levels and Chief of the General Staff V. Gerasimov took part in the conference. Russia intends to pay special attention to the issue of countering the so-called ‘ideology of terrorism and neo-Nazism’ among young people in the temporarily occupied territories, the National Resistance Center reported.

At the same time, the occupation administration intends to increase responsibility for the dissemination of pro-Ukrainian information and to identify centers of the resistance movement. Thus, the results of the meeting of the anti-terrorist committee of the Russian Federation indicate the preservation of the occupation policy of the Russian Federation, aimed at eradicating Ukrainian identity and imposing the ideology of ‘Russian world’ on Ukrainian youth.

The National Resistance Center stressed that the occupiers are afraid of the resistance of Ukrainian partisans, so they increasingly begin to put these topics on their agenda, especially during meetings of the security forces.