With daily air and artillery strikes, Russia is seeking to destroy the infrastructure of Kherson region, press officer of Ukraine’s army operational command ‘South’ Natalia Humeniuk said on TV.

According to her, in most cases during the strikes in Kherson region, Russians use air attacks, in particular guided aerial bombs.

The invaders are trying to destroy the objects of recreational infrastructure and seaport facilities.

‘They are trying with all their might to destroy the infrastructure of the region. The enemy wants to methodically destroy everything that the Kherson people are trying to revive after the occupation. This is psychological, economic and, of course, fire pressure, because 500 kg guided aerial bombs can cause very powerful destructions’, Natalia Humeniuk said.

She noted that Russians are also trying to use artillery to shell the region, but thanks to the effective counter-battery fighting of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, the artillery shelling is not very efficient.