In a clear attempt to blot out  Ukrainian identity in Mariupol schools,  Russia-led city officials have brought 5 thousand Russian textbooks planning  to resume classes in the war-ravaged city, said  Ukraine’s Mariupol city council representative Petro Andrushchenko on Telegram Saturday.

The video revealed by the Ukrainian officials shows the collobarotor’s adminstration team unloading the stack of books from a vehicle.

The supplies include books on Russian language, literature, history, and nature studies, which by default will make Russian the exclusive language of instruction for Ukrainian children. Meanwhile, all the Ukrainian-language schoolbooks and interactive whiteboards were seized and sent to Donetsk.

‘Taxpayers of Mariupol yet again provided for a boost in living standards of Donetsk people, this time in education,’ wryly noted Andrushchenko. The sad irony is that there are now more textbooks than schoolchildren in Mariupol.supplied books is higher than the number of schoolchildren