Mariupol City council has sent a stern warning over Russia’s plan to put back on track water supply system in Mariupol.

It can be a ‘disaster in the making’ as the war-ravaged city has lost drainage and a water-treatment system, which means sewage can spill in the streets and cause an outbreak of virus diseases.

Mariupol mayor Vadym Boychenko said on Wednesday that Russian onslaught has destroyed 50% of  municipal water supply system 22 water pumps. To make things worse, it cut off energy power disabling water pump systems.

‘The biggest issue is absence of drainage and sewage treatment systems. Even if the aggressors turn on water, it will immediately lead to a surge in infectious diseases. Given the absence of regular medical care, the number of deaths, according to medics’ estimates, can grow each next day and will reach 10 thousand by the end of the year.’

The water scare is real, and negligence of  Russian occupation forces can put at risk lives of 100 thousand of remaining Mariupol residents.

Repairs of  the city water supply system is insurmountable task, said  Boychenko, arguing  it will take at least one year and some 700$ million.

This can be done by mutual efforts of Ukraine and its international partners while Russia seeks to destroy the city.