Russian military planes have staged an assault on Belarus from Ukraine’s airspace, said Iryna Heraschenko in her statement of Facebook, citing the sources in Ukraine’s defense ministry and intelligence.

The planes struck with missiles a village on the Belarus border under guise of Ukraine’s attack, added senior European Solidarity MP.

‘It is clear that the talks between Lukashenko and Putin looked for a pretext to stage an invasion of the Belarusian army in our territory’, said Herashchenko.

The provocation took place at 2 30 pm when two Russian planes entered the Ukrainian airspace near Dubrovytsya and soon retreated to Belarus to assault the village of Kopane, according to Ukraine’s border service.

In his address to Belarusian people, Ukraine’s defense minister Oleskii Reznikov called the attack a ‘provocation’ that aims to draw Belarus into war in Ukrainian territory. Ukraine has never planned any aggressive acts towards Belarus, said Ukraine’s minister.

He warned Moscow will use the attack to ‘disguise’ its malicious plans and make Belarus join the invasion into Ukraine.