Russia’s bombardment keeps pounding the second-biggest Ukrainian city with bombs and rockets.

In comments for Rada TV channel Thursday, Kharkiv governor Oleg Synegubov said the city center was hit last night  with a cruise missile Kalibr reportedly launched from a warship in the Black Sea.

Aggressors targeted Kharkiv with artillery, tanks, mortars,  Grad and Uragan multiple missile launchers with at least 44 assaults reported in Kharkiv and 140 more in Kharkiv region.

According to Kharkiv governor, such intensity of bombardment and shelling in the region is now referred to as a ‘stable situation’.

Russia also targeted Zolochiv and Bakaliya while fierce fighting is still ongoing in Izum. The regional government is taking steps to provide humanitarian supplies to the places that have been hit the hardest.

‘We are following on it, and, surely, trying to deliver the humanitarian aid to these communities, but it is still a difficult task as the enemy is disrupting the effort and doesn’t agree to green corridors for such supplies,’ added Kharkiv governor.