Russia is spreading fresh speculations about Ukraine’s manpower losses in the war, said Center for Countering Disinformation of Ukraine’s security council.

The agency that keeps tabs on mediascape to help expose inaccurate facts and news stories said the  losses’ story came from the hackers’ group RaHDIt –  the statement from its anonymous representative revealed over the weekend  claimed Kyiv has lost 50-70 thousand soldiers.

Among other narratives Russia news outlets eagerly tried to spin off was a claim of Russian-installed Zaporizhzhya  ‘governor’ Yevhen Balytskiy- the collaborator said that 60% of people in the occupied region welcome the idea of making Zaporizhzhya  part of Russia.

Another clearly false statement came from high-rank Russian official Oleksiy Pushkov – he said Germany can end up closing their ‘businesses and whole industries’ after Berlin went the way of bringing sanctions against Moscow.