The so-called ‘leader’ of Crimea, Serhiy Aksyonov, threatened the residents of the temporarily occupied peninsula with criminal persecution if they chant Ukrainian slogans or listen to Ukrainian music.

Russian propaganda outlet ‘RIA Novocti’ posted Aksyonov’s video address in which he stated that locals will be persecuted if they sing Ukrainian songs or chant Ukrainian slogans.

Aksyonov emphasized that both participants and organizers of ‘these performances’ will be subject to punishment.

He added that those who sing Ukrainian songs are traitors and that those who support Kyiv authorities should go to the Ukraine-controlled territory.

Aksyonov’s threats came after a video from a wedding in Bakhchisarai, where the guests danced to the song ‘Red viburnum’, became viral on the Internet. This caused the outrage among pro-Russian residents.