Ukrainian mayor of occupied Enerhodar, Dmytro Olrlov,  has warned Russia is planning to bring in internet provider from Crimea in a bid to block Ukrainian news outlets in the region.

Rumors also are circulating in the city that the occupational administration is going to pull a plug on Ukrainian network providers and point-of-sales terminals. It has reportedly triggered panic and queues as people rushed to withdraw cash with many now having to turn to middlemen who offer withdrawal ‘services’ for a commission.

‘Taking into account that this ‘business’ is controlled by the occupiers, it is now clear where they are coming from and who will profit from it,’ said the city mayor.

Meanwhile, the occupational city officials have abruptly suspended the ‘one-time’ relief payments to local pensioners – it was 10 thousand Russian rubles.

‘It is either they have run out of money or they have collectied enough personal information of the elderly people for future manipualations with fake referedums or something of that sort’ said Orlov.

Among other things, the Russian-led city administration announced they have opened an office that will register and process applications for Russian citizenship.