In a sign of recruitment issues, a TV station established by the Russian occupational officials in Kherson  has reportedly made a cleaning lady from Crimea its new administrative manager.

The TV station Skiphiya is reportedly actively hiring personnel and, obviously,  is excited about whoever applies for its openings.

According to Mykhaylo Svarychevskyy,  who earlier was part of Ukraine’s Kherson Suspilne TV team,  newly appointed manager and Crimean-native  Lililya Makarova worked as a cleaner.

In his post on social media, Svarhveshky shared a video of Russian TV state channel touting renewal of Kherson television station in place of Ukrainian Suspilne Kherson TV.

‘It is all empty talk, propaganda and setbacks’, said Svarychevskyy, commenting Russia’s attempt to sway local public opinion in favor of the occupational government policies.

In reality, the occupiers just ‘don’t know what to do with Kherson and defiant Ukrainians’, added the former TV worker, arguing that people will need to report on the local residents tainted by collaboration with the Russian officials.