Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice has revealed the conditions for Russian prisoners of war.

The State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine has established 51 stations, located in almost all regions of Ukraine, and one camp located in the west of the country. The cost of maintaining one prisoner of war is about three thousand UAH per month.

‘The POW camp is guarded. Appropriate living conditions have been created for the people detained there, and medical support has been organized. It is important that prisoners of war work. They are engaged in woodworking’, said the minister of justice Denys Malyuska on TV.

He added that the conditions of detention both in the camp and in the stations and the rules of treatment correspond to their status and are based on the requirements of international humanitarian law.

‘After all, we cannot behave like barbarians, especially when it comes to the treatment of prisoners of war. We are a civilized country; we are part of the European community. In addition, I am sure that when we show how we keep Russian prisoners, we expect that Russia will keep our citizens in similar conditions until we exchange them’, the minister said.


The POW camp and stations are funded from the reserve fund of Ukraine’s budget.